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Cutting-edge revenue cycle management solutions and services tailored specifically to meet the needs of your oncology practice

Oncology Billing

We take billing seriously. With years of medical billing experience, our team works around the clock to boost your revenue and expedite collections, while aiding you in monitoring and improving the financial health of your practice.This is achieved through in-depth, tailor-made reports using our cutting-edge analytics platform designed to meet the changing requirements of the oncology landscape.

Do More With Less

Backed by highly-skilled Oncology RCM experts, AI-driven automation tools help streamline operations and modernize patient experience from care coordination to full-service coding, claims scrubbing and processing, auto-denial management, and payment reconciliation.
Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools to identify coding problems and auto-correct common errors in charges to help you efficiently manage all aspects of your healthcare operations. Eliminate inefficiencies and optimize your revenue streams for increased clean claims ratios and faster reimbursements.

Unlock Precision in Coding with RPA Tools

By integrating our RPA tools, you not only optimize your revenue stream but also ensure that your billing processes are error-free, compliant, efficient and ultimately improving overall health of your practice.
Pinpoint Coding Errors
Oncentric RPA technology detects even the most subtle coding discrepancies, ensuring compliance and accuracy.
Swift Error Correction

Automatically correct common errors in charges, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing costly billing mistakes.

Quality Metrics
Oncentric’s Oncology EHR software helps identify missed or incorrectly billed drugs, underbilled charges, and unbilled waste, ensuring accurate billing and maximizing revenue capture

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