Transform Patient Care with AI Enhanced Oncology EHR Software

Take your oncology care to the next level by integrating our AI-enabled Oncology EMR, delivering superior patient management and data analysis capabilities. 

Efficient Oncology EMR for Enhanced Patient Care

Oncentric’s award-winning Oncology EMR significantly enhances usability, providing unparalleled efficiency and rapid documentation at the point of care. Our innovative system is designed to streamline clinical workflows, ensuring that healthcare professionals can deliver exceptional patient care with speed and accuracy, ultimately improving overall practice performance. 

Oncentric's Oncology EMR: Enhancing Clinical Bandwidth

Oncentric’s Oncology EMR simplifies oncology care, enabling healthcare providers to manage complex schedules and treatments with ease, and enhance patient outcomes. 

Perfomance Analytics

Advanced Treatement
Manage entire chemotherapy cycles across clinical and administrative functions for all of your scheduling needs.
Drug Management
Drug profiles ensure patient safety with customized rules for dose capping, rounding, maximum daily and lifetime dose tracking. 
NCCN Regimen Library
Our unique FHIR interface with NCCN® brings the most current protocols and updates directly into your workflow.
Drug Administration
Assisted chemo preparation with drug cabinet interfaces, automated volume and wastage calculations.
Nursing Documentation
Comply with ONS standards by utilizing Oncentric’s Oncology EHR software to record performance scales, adverse events, and IV site documentation.
Automatic Charge Capture
Give your billing team a hand with automatic charge captures documented at the point of care, ensuring clean claim submissions and timely reimbursements.
Provider Note
Speed up patient visits with pre-defined workflow templates to quickly administer and document the entire patient encounter. Templates ensure care quality with rich oncology content, order sets and flow sheets.
Intractive Flow Sheets
Manage all of your treatment planning needs in a single view. Plan and modify treatment orders and patient-specific activity directly in the EHR for easy handoff.

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