Tailored Revenue Cycle Solutions for Your Oncology Practice

Streamline operations and improve your practice’s financial health with our oncology-specific RCM expertise.

In the World of Oncology, Every Second Counts

In an oncology practice, time is precious—and so is financial stability. At Oncentric, we recognize the urgency of both.

That’s why we’ve developed a bespoke set of oncology revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and services designed to optimize your revenue processes from end-to-end, allowing you to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional patient care.

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Our deep understanding of oncology-specific billing requirements ensures that we handle the intricacies of your financial needs with expert precision.

Are You Facing These Challenges?

A Trusted Partner for Better Financial, Operational, and Patient Care

Oncentric, powered by CureMD, has been mastering revenue management for oncology practices for nearly two decades, enhancing patient-centered care. Our specialized team is expertly equipped to deliver tailored billing solutions and services that effectively manage the unique complexities of cancer care reimbursement.
We support your practice through the entire spectrum of the revenue cycle, from pre-claim essentials like credentialing, contract management, and patient care coordination, to precise claims processing and meticulous payment posting.
What Sets Us Apart:
99% Customer Retention Rate
Our reliable and efficient oncology billing services make us your reliable billing partner.
98% Clean
Claim Rate
We ensure the majority of your claims are accepted and settled on the first submission, easing your administrative burdens.
5 to10% Increase in Cash Collections
Like other oncology practices, see significant financial boosts with our comprehensive RCM solutions.
15 to 20% Reduction in Collection Costs
Not only do we increase your revenue, but we also lower your operational costs, improving your overall financial health.

A Simple Solution for Your Complex Oncology Care Needs

Dealing with billing and administration challenges every day can take a toll on your bottom line. Oncentric is here to lift the burden of financial management, smoothing out the complexities of cancer care with:

At Oncentric, we don’t just claim to offer end-to-end oncology billing services, we deliver.

Assess, Adapt, Achieve:
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