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Imagine a world where billing supports, not hinders, your oncology practice.

Oncentric makes this possible by simplifying complex billing tasks, ensuring financial stability, and allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients’ health.

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Oncentric is here to simplify your oncology medical billing from start to finish.

Accurate Billing, Timely Payments, Improved Care

At Oncentric, we understand that the backbone of effective oncology care is efficient financial management. We’ve developed solutions that ensure both accuracy of your oncology billing services and the timeliness of your payments.

Here is how we do it:

Precision in

Our oncology billing experts use the latest coding practices to minimize errors and maximize accuracy.

Quick Payment

We expedite the billing cycle with swift insurance verifications and authorizations, ensuring you receive prompt payments.

Focus on
Patient Care

Our team reduces your administrative burden, so your clinical team focuses more on patient care—improving patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Compliance

We ensure that your oncology billing practices comply with current laws and standards, protecting your practice from potential legal issues.

Trusted for More than 25 Years in Oncology Billing

Oncentric, powered by CureMD, is dedicated to providing the finest billing services, enabling you to deliver the best cancer care. With more than two decades of experience in oncology EHR and medical billing, we ensure that your practice thrives financially while minimizing stress for both you and your patients.
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